Monday, February 2, 2009

Handmade Mini Album - Part 2 of 2

I hope some of you are trying this mini's fun to make!

After you have glued the spine you will need to add your decorative front and back covers.

Use the same gluing procedure getting out all the air bubbles with the bone folder as before. Then miter your corners. Run your bone folder around the craft board to make a slight indentation. This will help train your paper to fold up and around nice and neat. Go ahead and glue all edges of the front and back covers and smooth as before. Use the tip of the bone folder for a nice neat tuck at the mitered corners.

Now it's time to add the inside covers and inside spine. Just repeat the same process as the front of the mini album.

Once you have the spine glued then I run my bone folder down the edges and fold each cover back a forth a few times. Now it looks like a real book!

Punch two holes in the spine so you can attach a ribbon or fiber for the decorative handle. I use my cropadile for this since the crafty board is quite thick.

It should look like this.

Add your decorative handle by threading each end from the outside to the inside and tying a square knot. I add fray check to secure the knot.

I layer all my inside papers together and secure with 2 brads or eyelets. I attached two sequin flowers in the brushed silver brads for this book.

Now you have the front and back of all these paper sizes to scrapbook on. There's plenty of room for pictures and journaling and any other embellishements you choose to add.

Enjoy your book!

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