Saturday, August 30, 2008

Halloween is going to be here soon!

Oh my's almost September already. I couldn't believe that there were Halloween AND Christmas decorations set up at Costco this past week. I think I have lost a part of the summer somehow. Oh well.....since I heard all the scary sounds coming from the Halloween displays there I decided to come home and make a few fun embellishments for the Etsy shop. This is what I created. They were really fun to make and fall is the best time of the year for me so I just loved dry embossing these pumpkins.

A new update to the scarecrow gourd is also coming this week. It's turning out really cute. I'm adding raffia for the "straw" accents!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Making of a Scarecrow - Part 2

Happy Tuesday everyone!
Oh my...our new little puppy has been keeping me QUITE busy the past 2 weeks. She's a sweetie but very active! I have managed to base coat the scarecrow and do some shading and highlighting. Here are a few examples so you can see the progress. I hope to accomplish a bit more in the next few days. It still doesn't look too much like a scarecrow but soon it will begin getting a personality.

I first begin by sketching, with a pencil, the basic shape of the hat, face, shirt and overalls. I then basecoated (3 total coats) all the appropriate areas with my acrylic paints.

There will be a happy little face here soon :-)

I then begin deciding where I want my shading to be. I float different values of paint colors on those areas. This gives the piece definition and dimension.

A close up of the shading around the shirt and overall strap at the shoulder area.

A bit of drybrushing on the areas where the light would hit helps make the piece come alive. In person the denim is beginning to look real.

The next steps in Part 3 will be to draw on more details such as: facial features, collar, arms, pockets on the overalls, and stitching. I'll post some photos when they are completed. Thanks so much for looking.

Have a great day!

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Making of a Scarecrow - Part 1

I've been desiging a new fall gourd that looks like a scarecrow. I LOVE this time of year so all the fall themed ideas keep floating through my head. I usually start setting out all the paint colors that I would like to use on my project. I use mostly Deco Art Americana paints but I do have a few shades of other brands.

I then begin sketching out some ideas for my design. I also take notes as I begin painting on my project so I remember what colors I use and where I shade and highlight in case I decide to make a repeat design.

Then I prepare the gourd by picking out the best shape for the design I have decided on. I hand draw the basic outlines for the design and get prepared to base coat each seperate color. More to come on the painting process soon!
Thanks for checking in,

Friday, August 1, 2008

Gift Packaging and a GREAT Company

Happy Friday!
I did a custom order through our Etsy shop a while back for a company named Brownie Affair. Gail, the owner, has some wonderful products on her website

Here is a sample of the two options she has using my flower and tag designs for her gift packaging. Thanks again Gail for your business! Give Brownie Affair a try if there is a gift for a special person or family in your future. This company is wonderful!


"Flower Chic"
Best of luck on your business Gail....