Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thatched Roof Gourd Birdhouse

Hi everyone!
I've been working pretty hard in my craft room creating a few new gourd birdhouses out of my kettle gourds. I decided I wanted to make a house with a nice thatched roof look so this is my final product.

I used the berry gourd ink dye on this gourd and just love it. The color is very pretty but still soft and lets the natural gourd coloring show through. I can't wait to use the other colors expecially the orange for fall!

I added a few iridescent matte beads around the roof peak by hand sewing each one on. Just love the added touch!

This roof is made with cocoa's very moldable and thick. It's fun to work with too.

Thanks for looking. I'll be back soon with more gourds and some fun fall pattern too!

1 comment:

gentryart said...

VERY cute! I love the idea and want to try it. Could you share more about the thatched roof? Did you have to wet the cocoa liner to mold it? How did you attach it-glue? Thanks so much, I love your artwork!