Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Making of a Scarecrow - Part 1

I've been desiging a new fall gourd that looks like a scarecrow. I LOVE this time of year so all the fall themed ideas keep floating through my head. I usually start setting out all the paint colors that I would like to use on my project. I use mostly Deco Art Americana paints but I do have a few shades of other brands.

I then begin sketching out some ideas for my design. I also take notes as I begin painting on my project so I remember what colors I use and where I shade and highlight in case I decide to make a repeat design.

Then I prepare the gourd by picking out the best shape for the design I have decided on. I hand draw the basic outlines for the design and get prepared to base coat each seperate color. More to come on the painting process soon!
Thanks for checking in,


Heather said...

FUN! I am excited to see this project completed! I love the pictures of the paint!

mur/sc said...

Hi Darlene, I am 75 years old and painted your adorable little ghost gourd,and loved it and so does everyone else. I am new to this gourd painting, started last year on and off and find it absolutely fun and relaxing. Thanks for sharing and God Bless,M in S.C.