Monday, November 3, 2008

An Old Find

Now that Halloween is over I started digging through my Thanksgiving decorations and I found this turkey. I had honestly forgotten that I made this little ceramic guy years ago. I had taken ceramic classes (one evening class every week) when my 2 children were little ones. It was my time to get out. interract with other ladies and fulfill my pent up creativity. I loved those classes! I made this turkey when a new technique had come out called "dry brushing" using acrylic paints. This was a great process because I didn't like having to use ceramic glazes and fire the piece in a kiln again. Once I tried this process I was hooked. I always enjoyed the soft look that this painting technique accomplished.

I thought I'd share this funny turkey with you to start off our Thanksgiving season .

I'm currently working on a Santa face gourd and should be sharing him with you soon. I am also planning on painting quite a few snowmen gourds. It's so hard to decide what cute little face to paint first!!!

Have a great week!

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